Czech President believes Ukraine has one attempt to carry out major counteroffensive

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Czech President Petr Pavel told the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita on March 19 that Ukraine needs to launch a major counteroffensive within the next few months.

"The window of opportunity is open this year. After next winter, it will be extremely difficult to maintain the current level of assistance," Pavel was quoted. "War fatigue is not only the exhaustion of human resources and equipment, the destruction of infrastructure in Ukraine, but also fatigue in the countries that provide aid."

According to Pavel, many countries expect "some progress" this year.

"I think Ukraine will have only one attempt to carry out a major counteroffensive," he said. "Therefore, if (Ukraine) decides to launch a counteroffensive and it fails, it will be extremely difficult to get funding for the next one."

Recently Slovakia said it would send 13 MiG-29 jet fighters to Ukraine after Poland pledged to supply four, marking a significant boost in support for Kyiv as it builds up for a counteroffensive against Russia. Poland became the first Western nation to say it would supply warplanes to Ukraine.