Czech Researchers Transform Snorkels Into Medical Masks

These Czech researchers created medical masks from snorkels. In US news and current events today, the full-face snorkel masks were retrofitted with military-grade filters by a research team from the Czech Technical University (CVUT) in Prague. The masks act as improvised personal protective equipment. Tests showed that the masks, which are available at sporting goods stores for approx $24, reportedly provided more protection than a typical N95 mask. The researchers said the masks will be distributed to hospitals in Prague. They said they’ve made 2,200 pieces and plan to make 10,000 more. As of April 1, the Czech Republic has 3,500+ reported COVID-19 cases and at least 39 deaths from the virus. For the latest coronavirus news and COVID-19 updates, subscribe to NowThis News. #Coronavirus #MedicalMasks #News #NowThis #NowThisNews This video "Czech Researchers Transform Snorkels Into Medical Masks ", first appeared on

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