Czech teacher prosecuted for anti-Ukrainian propaganda and genocide denial

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Martina Bednarzhova (left)
Martina Bednarzhova (left)

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On April 5, 2022, the teacher assured eighth-grade students in a Prague school that "there is no conflict in Kyiv."

"When you look at the cameras from the city of Kyiv... it seems that nothing is happening there," Bednarova said.

When the children said they saw news reports of Ukrainian cities burning, she asked if they meant Czech television news and then explained that "you need to find information from several sources."

"ČT 1 (Czech TV channel) belongs to a media group associated with billionaire (George) Soros. And we know exactly who it belongs to," Bednarova added.

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One of the students recorded and published the teacher's remarks. According to the video, the teacher was telling the children other Russian propaganda talking points: about Ukraine "killing Russian population in Donbas" since 2014, and "Ukrainian Nazis" who "skinned people alive and killed children."

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Students recorded 18 minutes of the 45-minute-long class, with Bednarova later claiming her words were taken out of context.

Once this became public, the school suspended and later fired the teacher. Bednarova appealed the firing, but the court ultimately said her dismissal was "completely justified."

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On April 26, the Prague District Prosecutor's Office filed charges against the teacher for the crime of denial, approval, and justification of genocide. Bednarova faces six months to three years in prison if found guilty.

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