Czechia seizes assets of Russian Tactical Missiles Corporation CEO

The Czech Financial Analytical Office has seized assets belonging to the family of Boris Obnosov, CEO of the Russian Tactical Missiles Corporation, in Czechia. Some of the assets belong to Obnosov’s daughter and son-in-law, who are on Czechia’s sanctions list alongside Obnosov himself.

Source: European Pravda, citing Czech Television

Details: The Obnosov family’s assets in Czechia are estimated to amount to more than 100 million CZK (approximately €‎4.15 million). Most of them are owned by Obnosov’s son-in-law, Rostislav Zorikov.

The Czech financial police seized 14 of Zorikov’s apartments in Prague’s elite neighbourhoods, as well as the assets of Zorikov’s real estate agency, Riomax. Zorikov had managed to transfer a stake in another Czech company, Altera, to his father before Czechia introduced sanctions against him.

Rostislav Zorikov has been a permanent resident of Czechia since at least June 2020 and, according to some reports, he still lives in Prague.

Last week, the Czech government added Obnosov, his daughter Olga, and his son-in-law Zorikov to the sanctions list. Boris Obnosov is the CEO of the Russian state-owned holding company Tactical Missiles Corporation, which manufactures weapons systems and supplies them to the Russian armed forces. His daughter owns a 20% stake in the firm.

State-based sanctions can be challenged in court. In the first instance, the case will be heard by the Prague Municipal Court.

Czechia has so far frozen assets worth more than €‎415 million.

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