‘How’d you get it’: Deputies investigating after student overdoses in Rock Hill classroom

York County detectives are investigating after a reported drug overdose inside a local high school.

Channel 9′s Tina Terry spoke with deputies about how the student was able to get a hold of drugs while on campus.

Stephanie Segura told Channel 9 that she lives across the street from Rock Hill High School. She said she was at home on Thursday when a 15-year-old boy reportedly overdosed in a classroom.

“We saw a bunch of cops, but I didn’t think nothing of it,” Segura said.

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According to the incident report, a school resource officer was informed that a student “...had possibly taken a narcotic that resulted in him overdosing.” The report further stated that the student had “...labored breathing and was not responsive.”

The SRO then gave the student two doses of Narcan to revive him.

“Narcan is an opioid reversal drug. In most cases, one works. In this situation, he had to use two,” said Trent Faris, Public Information Officer for the York County Sheriff’s Office.

Detectives said that the student threw up “a white pill” after he was revived. He later admitted to also taking a blue pill but would not say what that pill was.

They are testing the white pill in order to find out if it was behind the student’s medical emergency.

“When he recovered from the opioid overdose, our SRO asked him, ‘Where’d you get it?’ ‘How’d you get it?’ The normal questions you would ask. And that person would not tell us at this time,” Faris explained.

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While deputies continue to investigate, treatment specialists who help people overcome opioid addiction said calls to help juveniles addicted to drugs have increased by 30 to 40%.

“We get phone calls from the hospital, DSS, schools, and parents of kids who are 16, 17, or 15 saying that my child or this child has overdosed two or three times,” said Brandon Sipp, Assistant Program Director for Lancaster Treatment Specialists.

Channel 9′s Tina Terry spoke with the mother of the student who allegedly overdosed. She said she didn’t want to discuss the incident; however, she was grateful for the fast response of school officials to save her son.

The York County Sheriff’s Office said this is the first overdose reported at Rock Hill High School. However, last school year, one was reported at Northwestern High School in Rock Hill.

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