D&G mixes models with robots in Milan Fashion Week finale

Dolce & Gabbana mixed models with robots in a disco-like atmosphere as the curtain came down on Milan Fashion Week on Monday (March 1).

Bright colours, leopard prints and glittering gold and silver coats and blouses featured in Dolce & Gabbana's show, which was streamed on the brand's website and social media.

The creative duo's 135 looks included jackets with big shoulders in a nod to the 1990s, faux fur and mini-dresses resembling space outfits but also see-through plastic overcoats similar to the protective gear worn by medics fighting the virus in hospitals.

Models paired with two small robots created by the Italian Institute of Technology, to celebrate the work of Italian researchers in robotic technologies and artificial intelligence.

The show brought to an end six days of digital shows due to COVID-19 restrictions, which were tightened further by the Rome government over the weekend due to a resurgence in the number of infections.

Video Transcript