DA: Death Of Hopkinton Teen Mikayla Miller Under Investigation

The family of a teen who died in Hopkinton is demanding answers. WBZ-TV's Ken MacLeod reports.

Video Transcript

- New developments tonight in the tragic death of a teenager in Hopkinton. The Middlesex district attorney says that her office is investigating this incident. And tonight, the family is demanding answers, insisting authorities are keeping information from them. Here's WBZ's Ken MacLeod.

KEN MACLEOD: On Thursday, here in Hopkinton, near the marathon starting line, a grieving family will gather to mourn the death of a 16-year-old. But at the same time, they'll accuse authorities of a cover up. Simple flowers mark the spot where Mikayla Miller was found two Sunday morning ago hanging from a tree along this trail off West Main Street, which runs back to the apartments where she lived.

MARIAN RYAN: This is just an unimaginable loss.

KEN MACLEOD: But in the days that followed, Mikayla's mom fueled a social-media firestorm with this post, accusing police of turning a blind eye to the kids who she says bullied, ambushed, and murdered her daughter. It was a post that drew angry online support from people claiming the teen was lynched because she was Black, or gay, or both.

MARIAN RYAN: The idea that we would be not investigating bullying or a murder as the allegation is just not true.

KEN MACLEOD: Mikayla was a student athlete at Hopkinton High, which is almost entirely white. And while the DA's office indicated early on that her death was not suspicious, perhaps meaning it was a suicide, they acknowledge a relationship break up the day before triggered a fight.

MARIAN RYAN: We know it was an altercation among people who were known to each other.

KEN MACLEOD: What investigators do not have yet is a full report from the medical examiner. But they're still interviewing folks and say they've updated Mikayla's family every few days.

MARIAN RYAN: And to lose a child and then to think that everything is not being done to find out what happened is a terrible thing.

KEN MACLEOD: The DA says she regrets that forensics are taking so long but says more time is a must to know for certain what led up to such a tragic Sunday morning along this trail.

MARIAN RYAN: We want to get to the right answer for Mikayla.

KEN MACLEOD: The DA says her investigation will be transparent and complete. Tonight, on the phone, Mikayla's mother and aunt declined an interview, telling me we'd learn everything we needed to know at Thursday's vigil. In Hopkinton tonight, Ken MacLeod, WBZ News.

- Ken, thank--