DA: Wis. pharmacist thought vaccine was unsafe

A Wisconsin district attorney says a pharmacist ruined hundreds of doses of coronavirus vaccine because he believed the vaccine was unsafe. (Jan. 4)

Video Transcript

ADAM GEROL: Law enforcement was alerted to this on December 30 by a rural hospital. Detective Sutherland really discussed this with one of their investigators who forwarded them an email from the defendant, where he gave a statement that he'd removed these vials from refrigeration. He'd done so on two occasions. His intent in doing so was to render them inert because he'd formed this belief that they were unsafe, that the RNA method of creating these medications rendered them unsafe.

- Mr. Brandenburg, I'm gonna order you released on a $10,000 signature bond. While you're subject to the terms and conditions of bail set by this court, you are not to work or be employed in any health-care related function, including serving as a pharmacist. You're also not to have any contact with Aurora or any of your Aurora co-workers.