Texas DACA recipient now stuck in Mexico away from family

A mom can only see her baby through a computer screen, because the DACA recipient was forced to remain in Mexico. Here's why.

Video Transcript

- It's been three weeks ever since this happened, and it feels like such a long time already. The baby's growing. She's missing out on her crawling. She's missing out on her new teeth.


Birthdays are coming up, so just being separate. And, even if we go to Mexico with Allison, they give them a certain amount of time they can be over there, and then we have to come back. I'm missing out.

She's missing out. She's missing out. So we're all just missing out from each other, and that's the hard part. And it's just difficult. And I try to stay strong. I tell Carolyn, hey, don't worry. We'll get through it. But it's difficult.

- --because I needed to stay here for 10 years.