This Dad Accidentally Sent His Daughter to Preschool Without Pants and Mom Wasn’t Too Happy

Catherine Santino

Dads are incredible, there’s no doubt about that. But admittedly, sometimes their attention to detail could probably use a little work. For example, this dad who mistakenly sent his daughter to school in her underwear. A now-viral post shows the hilarious chaos that ensues when dad is left in charge of the morning routine, and the internet can’t stop laughing.

When Maryland mom Aliza Friedlander’s part-time job required her to miss school drop-off one morning, her husband Brad had to step in. Should be fine, right? (Reader, it was not fine.) When it came time for their daughter Brooklyn to get dressed, things took a turn for the worse. Apparently, the preschooler selected a nice pair of potty training underwear as her “pants”, and Brad didn’t know the difference. Needless to say, Brooklyn caused quite the stir at school. The text exchange between the parents, which Aliza posted on her Instagram along with a photo of Brooklyn’s ensemble, is nothing short of pure dad hilarity.

“You sent her to school in underwear,” Aliza wrote to Brad. “Who,” he responds. When Aliza clarifies that she’s referring to Brooklyn’s outfit, Brad says she picked them out and insisted they were shorts. “They are training underwear,” Aliza replies. “She is in underwear.” The mother also said that Brooklyn’s mishap was the “talk of the school.” “At least she was wearing something,” Brad retorts, which is honestly a pretty solid point.

The whole incident is, of course, an honest mistake and funny mix-up. “I think if I really felt there was a problem or that Brad wasn’t a capable father, I wouldn’t have found it funny,” Aliza Friedlander told Today. “But I know how wonderful he is and that this was just an unfortunate accident.”

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