Dad breaks parent code and names his least favorite kid in a TikTok

Growing up with siblings, you may or may not have

speculated whether your parents were secretly

comparing and ranking you against the others.

Parents are “not supposed to” have

favorites, but in a 2005 study, 74 percent

of mothers and 70 percent of fathers

admitted to having a favorite.

One TikTok dad is breaking this unspoken parent

code and explaining to the world how and why he’s

chosen his favorite and least favorite child.

“People go ‘Zach, you don’t have favorites

in your kids!’” the dad, who goes by @forrealb

on the platform, says at the beginning

of the video. “The f*** I don’t”.

Zach’s favorite child is his oldest because

she’s sensitive and responsible.

“She breaks an $8 lamp from Walmart, you would

have thought she shot me at point-blank range.

She’s shaking and crying and I’m like ‘Honey it’s

okay, you were chasing the dog. S*** happens”.

“My youngest, that little psychopath,

comes up to me butt-ass naked and goes,

‘Dad I pooped behind the couch,'” Zach

explains in the TikTok. “She’s a f***ing animal”.

“She’s your least favorite because she’s

the most like you,” one commenter replied.

for the most part, people thought the

clip was pretty funny and a reminder of

how overwhelming parenting can be.

“TikTok parents are the best birth

control,” someone else commented.

“Why is this so relatable,” another person wrote. “I

have favorite, I just don’t tell them that. Every parent

has a favorite and if you say you don’t, you’re lying”