Dad burned all over his body after daughter throws chemicals on him, Michigan cops say

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An 18-year-old was arrested last week after allegedly hurling chemicals at her dad and leaving him unconscious, Michigan State Police say.

The father, whose identity was not publicly disclosed, suffered chemical burns on his “head, torso and extremities” following the incident Friday in Groveland Township, police said.

His daughter, Megan Imirowicz, is accused of causing the burns when she threw lye powder and water at her dad, according to police.

She left the home, and a neighbor found the dad alone and unconscious, police said. Troopers were dispatched to a nearby hospital for a chemical burn victim when they learned about the incident.

Police did not state the reasoning behind the daughter’s alleged actions.

Imirowicz was charged with one count of assault with intent to do great bodily harm and one count of domestic violence, police said Tuesday. She was jailed on a $75,000 bond following her arraignment.

When water is added to lye, it can react violently and cause burning of skin, damage to eyes and harm to lungs, according to Lye powder is commonly used in household cleaning products.

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