Dad captures his family’s meditative morning routine: ‘Your breathing controls your mood’

This parent’s TikTok video of his family’s morning routine includes breakfast, yoga, and family meditation, and viewers love the vibes!

TikToker Christopher (@thefallbackup) is a parent, musician, and writer whose content focuses on self-development and sustainability. Recently, Christopher shared a video of his family’s meditative morning routine, and viewers are calling it serious #lifegoals.

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The clip begins with a shot of Christopher slowly waking up and crawling out of bed while morning sunlight streams through the window.

To start the day, Christopher opens the blinds to let the sun into his colorful and minimal living room. He takes a moment to water the plants before reading and meditating on a round floor cushion.

Since Christopher and his partner, Ajané (@womanofthewomb), homeschool their kids, he begins prepping the “classroom” by switching out a Buddha portrait in the living room with a whiteboard.

Christopher lays out yoga mats and several metal singing bowls before washing up, then it’s time to wake up the kids.

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After helping his two small daughters brush their teeth and wash their faces, he prepares them a breakfast of chopped fresh fruit and apple sauce in addition to two cups of tea for him and Ajané.

The kids enjoy their breakfast on their yoga mats, and Christopher and Ajané commence the day’s lesson on conscious breathing before they meditate together as a family.

After Christopher puts things back in their place and tidies up the house, he closes the video with a message for viewers in which he teaches, “Don’t control your mood. Control your breathing. Your breathing controls your mood.”

Christopher’s message certainly struck a chord with viewers, many of whom even mentioned wanting to become a member of the family.

“Now, this is what you call a family lifestyle,” said one user in approval.

“That house probably has the energy of a forest,” one TikToker mentioned.

“Can you adopt me, please?” joked another viewer.

Christopher’s message regarding conscious breathing looks beneficial for all people, regardless of their parental status.

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