Dad grounds teen daughter after she refuses to wash dishes because she was the ‘closest to the sink’

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This dad made an independent decision to ground his daughter for not doing the dishes, and he managed to get both his wife and daughter upset at him in the process!

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The parent explained what went down on Reddit’s “Am I The A******? (AITA)” page and wanted to know if he should have convened with his wife before grounding their teenage daughter over refusing to wash the dishes.

Before outlining the issue, the father of two shared that he and his wife aim to always communicate about everything when it comes to their 15-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter.

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One night, his wife was working late, so she told him to have dinner with their kids without her.

While dinner went fine, conflict arose when the post’s author asked his kids whose turn it was to do the dishes.

“My son said he did them the previous night. My daughter said she’d done them. It was starting to escalate into a screaming match of ‘No, you didn’t, I did!’ I told them both to cool it and asked my daughter to do them since she was closest to the sink,” the Redditor reiterated.

From bad to worse

This did not go over well with the man’s daughter. She claimed that the only reason he was making her do the dishes was because she’s a girl and the youngest. Unfortunately, the disagreement kept snowballing.

“I told her I was done with this discussion and [to do it]. [I] tried to help her realize it’d be quick and easy. I received a response [consisting] of folded arms and a ‘No.’ With that, I sent her to her room. She yelled that she ‘f****** hates it here,’ [and] slammed her door. I told her she was grounded, then I did the dishes,” the frustrated parent noted.

When the man’s wife returned home from work, he told her about the situation that transpired. However, she didn’t appreciate how it was handled.

“In her opinion, what should’ve happened is [that] I should’ve done the dishes and told my daughter that once her mom got home, the two of us would discuss how to deal with her. My case was [that] I thought swift action was in order. My wife feels that we are no longer a team now,” the post’s author concluded, questioning if his behavior was out of line.

The overwhelming consensus among Redditors was that the author of the post was indeed being unreasonable.

“Since she was closest to the sink? Seriously? Dude, YTA just for that. They were fighting about it, so you should have just told them [both] to do the dishes. Like one person wash and one person dry. Honestly, [it] seems like you were playing favorites,” noted one of the more popular comments.

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