Dad makes bone-chilling save when little cheerleader takes a scary fall: ‘I just had a slight heart attack’

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A dad is going viral for his heart-stopping save, and TikTok is applauding his lightning-fast reflexes — and heaving a giant sigh of relief!

Dad, TikToker and cheer coach Roland Pollard (@rolandpollard) regularly posts spectacular videos with his cheerleader daughter, Jayden — and the two are no strangers to online fame! 

But when he posted this scary footage of his daughter’s near fall, the two amassed over 300,000 views and hundreds of comments.

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In the video, Roland launches his little flyer into a stunt, holding her confidently with just one hand — and for a while, Jayden balances impressively in an upside-down handstand.

But when Roland flips her, things take a turn — literally.

Jayden flies out of his palm and begins to plummet, along with the hearts of everyone watching the footage at home!

But Roland, who would never let his flyer hit the ground, grabs Jayden and flips her safely to her feet.

“You ok? You’re ok. Do it one more time,” he calmly says. Jayden, unfazed, smiles and nods.

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‘Omg my soul left my body…’

Hundreds of TikTokers flew to the comment section to react to the scary footage.

“Ok I think my heart stopped,” one user wrote.

“I just had a slight heart attack. Knew you had her, but didn’t matter,” another user commented.

“Oh my freaking nerves,” wrote another user.

“Omg my soul left my body,” commented another user.

But it wasn’t just fear or relief that TikTokers expressed in the comments. They also lauded Roland for his amazing skills and Jayden for her bravery.

“You’re awesome! Her protector!” one user wrote.

“Amazing save Dad,” wrote another user.

“She is a beast!!! Y’all are AMAZING!!!!” another user shared.

“That baby has more trust in you and your little finger than most grown kids have in their parents as a whole,” commented another user.

“The way you speak so calmly to her even in a stressful situation for a child, to be falling, and you say, ‘you’re okay,’ like yes!!” another user cheered.

“I love this, never give up. You’re showing her how to be strong and not give up,” commented another user.

Roland and Jayden’s heart-stopping video teaches us all that although life can get scary and we may take a tumble now and again, it’s important to always get back up and try again.

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