Dad proposes to mom in NICU after spending 10 months there with baby

Teon Kennedy planned to propose at his girlfriend Martine's baby shower, but when their daughter came early, that didn't happen. After spending 10 months in the NICU at New York-Presbyterian Hospital with their baby girl, the staff there became like family. So, Teon thought there was no better group to help him finally pop the question.

Video Transcript

- We originally had a baby shower planned. I was going to propose. And because she gave birth at 25 weeks, we weren't able to hold a baby shower. Our daughter, Morgan, was born prematurely and she's been in the NICU for 10 months. And she's been making tremendous progress here at New York Presbyterian. Today, I'm going to ask her mom to marry me so we can live the rest of our lives together.

MARTINE DROUILLARD: Oh my god. Oh my god. No way. Yes.

TEON KENNEDY: She said yes. Thank you all. Thank you all.

MARTINE DROUILLARD: It happening here, with Morgan present, and for her to be dressed for the occasion and to be awake-- they treat us so well here. And for them to make this moment just that more special, I'm so happy, so happy.

TEON KENNEDY: Before a baby comes, usually a mother gets so much love and attention. She didn't get any of that. Today was the day she was able to get all that she missed.

- We love you.