Dad revokes daughter’s social media privileges due to her ‘irresponsible’ online behavior: ‘[A] stupid decision’

A father took away his 19-year-old daughter’s smartphone after he discovered what she did in secret.

But then, the father wondered if his punishment was too much and sought advice on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. He and his wife always gave their daughter privacy. But when the father learned the teen ruined her teeth to follow a social media trend, he didn’t want her on social media anymore.

“I’d always considered my daughter to be smart and trusted her to explore different things on her own without intervention,” the father explained. “I was forced to reconsider this after my latest discovery. She filed her teeth down last year following some social media trend and without asking my wife or me. I found out last week when I took her to the dentist after she was complaining about how physically difficult it was for her to eat steak (she cracked her tooth). We’d already shelled out thousands of dollars to get her braces and she completely trashed it with this stupid decision.”

The teenager was dismissive of what she did when the parents confronted her.

“After a long discussion, my wife and I decided to downgrade her phone to a very basic call/text (not a smartphone) and told her if she wanted to get a better phone from this point she’d have to buy it herself on her own plan (she has a job). When I brought up this incident to my bar buddy he told me it’s cruel to take away a kid’s access to social media and things, especially with COVID-19,” the father said.

Reddit users chimed in with their opinions.

“I’d heard of this already and assumed it was just a handful of incredibly irresponsible dentists and rich kids,” one user commented.

“She’s an adult with a job, she can buy her own phone,” another said.

“Punishment fits the crime,” someone wrote.

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