Dad sparks debate after sharing work-from-home issue with his wife: ‘I feel crushed’

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A husband is wondering if it’s OK to lie to his wife about his work schedule.

He took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. His job allows him to work from home on Fridays but he isn’t so keen on it. He feels like his wife is too overbearing while he’s working. His solution is to deceive her.

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“For the past year or so, although my employer, {name withheld} has returned to mostly on site functionality, has ENCOURAGED is to work from home on Fridays, as many employees looked to anyway going into the weekend, but has allowed employees to come in if we desired,” he wrote.

“Unfortunately, as a married man, my desires haven’t factored in much, and my wife has kept me home most Fridays. This throws of my entire day – she’s a stay at home mom, and we don’t have a spare room I can even work in, so between her and our smallest child, I feel crushed They keep extending the WFH allowance. First it was last November, then they pushed it to February, then it was going to end this June… and now it’s already going to November again¡¡”

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The husband formulated a plan to essentially lie to his wife so he could go into the office.

“As is, she thinks it’s a case-by-case basis and I have to check every week, but she keeps scheduling appointments for Friday, in the end result is it keeps delaying shopping for the week and us getting things done. I feel Beyond taking advantage of but she is impossible to talk to on a good day,” he explained.

“I’ve decided that she is not going to know I am allowed to, and I will go in every Friday possible. On the occasions that it is truly a need for me to be home, I will ‘be able to arrange it as long as I am able to get my work done,’ but my work day is quite honestly my only me time.”

Redditors felt the issues here ran deeper than working from home on Fridays.

“Bro, you need relationship advice, not AITA,” a user said.

“None of these phrases sound like OP wants to be married. This is straight up Married With Children sitcom style spousal disdain,” another wrote.

“Your work day is your ‘only me time’. As a stay-at-home mom to a young child, when does your wife get me time?” a person asked.

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