Dad upset over son’s ‘disrespectful’ new way of referring to him: ‘I’m not OK with it’

A father is furious his son refers to him by his first name instead of calling him "dad" . He shared his story on Reddit's "Am I the A******?" forum. His 16-year-old randomly started to call him by his first name. "My son started addressing me by my first name instead of 'dad' — I'm not okay with it," the father wrote. "I had asked him to not call me by my first name, and he said he can call me however he wants, and I can't force him to call me dad. My wife (his mom) told me not to get too hung up on this, since it really isn't an issue. I told her that it is an issue for me, just not an issue for her since [our] son still calls her mom.". The father decided to teach his son a lesson when the teen refused to change his ways. "I sat my son down and asked him to please stop calling by my first name," the dad said. "He refused, and so I grounded him, took away his electronics and only give him access when he needs it for school. I'm not going to just be disrespected like this in my own home and told him [only] once he learns some manners will the punishment be lifted. To say the least, he's pretty angry with me and doesn't understand why I'm so hung up on being called 'dad' . My wife is now staying out of it but did tell me I'm going too far and that [our] son is just a teenager and that I should know how teenagers are". Reddit users thought everyone in the situation was being immature. "Grounding him and punishing him for being a moody teenager is probably not going to fix anything," one person added

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