Daily Digit: Jakarta is the fastest-sinking city in the world

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    If Jakarta is largely below sea level already, "rising sea levels" have very little to do with it being flooded. Any city that is below sea level is already, and has been, at risk. See Venice, New Orleans, etc.

    BTW, NOAA data shows that the global average sea rise is about 1/8 of an inch.
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    Notice that the city is sinking, not the oceans rising. Here's the reason behind that which I have to cut-and-paste since comments don't allow links to other articles:

    "Population growth is a big part of the problem. Brinkman says that the current metropolitan population of about 30 million is expected to grow to more than 40 million in the next 20 years. Feeding this growth has been the relatively unchecked pumping of deep groundwater. This water, hundreds of meters below the city, is a not easily refilled and those dry cavities greatly exacerbate the city's subsidence. And it doesn't seem to be stopping.

    "If deep groundwater extraction is not stopped, Jakarta will sink at least another five to six meters by the end of the century," Brinkman says."
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    The poorly behaved boxer
    What are the chances that they are pumping out the ground water in order to have the necessary soil strength to pour foundations, drive pilings, and construct their skyscrapers and various sized buildings. When you do that, you compact the earth as its no longer saturated and thus it sinks. Since Jakarta is on the ring of fire and has earthquakes, I'm guessing that they are fairly strict with building requirements for foundations.

    Plus buildings do settle over time and the high density probably compacting the city proper. Theres alot of weight sitting on the ground looking at the skyline photos that wasn't there originally.
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    The sea level isn't rising, the city is sinking. Big difference. Most of the city was constructed on a marsh below sea level.
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    Since water if fluid, wouldn't you expect sea level rise to be consistent across the world? One "shore" couldn't be experiencing more sea level rise than any other "shore". It would be like expecting water to rise more in one part of your glass of water than an other if you added water to it. So, Jakarta is sinking, but how much of it really due from sea level rise due to "climate change"? I would guess very very little. Hint, don't build cities in estuaries.
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    "Combined with rising sea levels as a result of climate change...." Not according to NOAA
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    Well this is a city built on active tectonic plates … what else did you think would happen?
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    Jakarta, Indonesia, is SINKING up to 25 cm per year. Due to what? Probably water pumping. Sea level has risen so far an un-measurable amount but one can't discern that from the article.
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    So Jakarta, over a 30 year span, will sink based on the AVERAGE either 1 ft or 15 ft. - and why is it sinking? I thought water was rising! s.f the person who wrote this article has anything to do with the city planning - I think we know our answer as to what the problem might be.
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    David O
    "Combined with rising sea levels as a result of climate change, that puts the city is in serious trouble. It’s estimated that 95% of north Jakarta will be submerged by 2050, and its 1.8 million current residents could be displaced as a result. "The human inhabitance around the black sea moved when the level rose 300 feet in less then a year. The people of Jakarta should look to history to see what they should do to survive!