Your Daily FinanceScope for January 16, 2022

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The best things in life are free, but we could all use some extra cash. Let us lead you to the land of green with our daily finance horoscope!


There's no need to slow down just because you've crossed the finish line. There is always another one up ahead -- and another and another and another. Look at the horizon line as you ultimate goal. Tell yourself you can get there, then do it.


You have a thorough understanding of a situation. But even though you grasp the complexity of it doesn't mean you can't learn even more. Seeing it from a different perspective brings new insights -- and new solutions.


It's hard feeling like you rightfully belong in the lead, and yet you are behind. It's natural to try to blame others for holding you back but that won't help you change the situation. Look at the ways you can change yourself instead.


Something on the periphery of your awareness could become quite serious very quickly. Deal with it before it gets extreme. Be sure all your T's are crossed, your I's are dotted and your bills are paid.


You're like a dog pulling on the end of a short leash. You know what you want and nothing can hold you back. Be sure your determination isn't making a bad impression on others. You can be driven and keep your self-respect at the same time.

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It's not a good day to criticize others, if it ever is. Find creative ways to make your suggestions. Even complaints can be handled with diplomacy and tact. You have what it takes to pull it off with class, and it pays to do so.


Don't be depressed if your credit limits are not sky-high anymore. It's nothing personal. Besides, it's for your own good, even if it feels like an uncomfortable restriction to you. Carefree spending is a thing of the past.


Willpower is what determines your successes and failures today. Skill and experience are handy but your own desire to succeed is what really matters. If you don't really care, don't waste your time or money.


Some people have a hard time accepting anything new or original. They feel safer sticking with the status quo. If you want to give something unique a try, you'll have to be direct, even blunt. Don't bother trying to win over someone conservative.


You finally get the pat on the back you've been craving. It's not exactly a raise or a bonus, but you have to admit it goes a long way. It boosts your stamina and energy, if not your spending ability.


Your enthusiasm is getting in the way of your progress. All of your energy is just making you flail about instead of getting anywhere. Calm down and stay disciplined.


Your group needs a new direction and someone new to lead them in it. Don't step up to the plate, even if others urge you to. You have enough to do without spending energy helping others get ahead.

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