The daily gossip: December 18, 2019

Scott Meslow


Do you like Punk'd but wish it had, I don't know, some drones or something? Great news: Your weirdly specific prayers have been answered. Jimmy Kimmel will produce and appear in a new, somewhat Orwellian-sounding reality show called Revenge of the Nerd, which will use homemade technology to "right the wrongs of the world" via elaborate pranks on unsuspecting targets — as if you needed another reason to be paranoid about your Amazon Alexa. [The Hollywood Reporter]


The people have spoken, and what they want is all Baby Yoda, all the time. But while Baby Yoda is more likely to pop up in a Star War than, say, your local DMV, you shouldn't buy a ticket to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker expecting the little gremlin to make a cameo. While acknowledging that Baby Yoda is "the cutest thing in the history of time," director J.J. Abrams confirmed that he will not appear in the new Star Wars movie — but you can always just stay home and Google "Baby Yoda memes" instead. [People]


In these rancorous times, you have to appreciate anything that unites us as a culture — which is why it was so great when the entire internet banded together to gawk at an unintentionally unsettling commercial for a Peloton exercise bike. And while Monica Ruiz, the actress who starred in the commercial, has taken some undeserved heat, the publicity has also landed her a guest spot on the long-running soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. Ruiz is slated to play a doctor, so get ready for at least one scene where she advises a patient to "get more exercise" before turning to the camera and winking. [Entertainment Weekly]


We live in an era when celebrities are expected to share basically every aspect of their lives on social media, but the Royal Family remains a stubbornly private exception. As such, gossip columnists have no choice but to try and read the tea leaves, and they think they've stumbled upon a devastating scoop: Prince William and Kate Middleton rode in two separate cars to a Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace. Clearly it's a sign that their marriage might be on the rocks, say the tabloids — or, just spit-balling here, maybe it's one of the literally dozens of other reasons a couple might not always drive in the same car. [TMZ]


Attention, friends and family of Shaquille O'Neal: You can go ahead cross him off your Christmas list this year. The NBA legend hands out gifts to needy children every year at his Shaq-A-Claus event, but doesn't want anything under his own tree. "I do not accept gifts," said Shaq. "You show me a movie where Santa receives gifts and I'll take one." (And while he's clearly just speaking hypothetically: Please, please somebody greenlight a movie where Shaq plays a Santa Claus obsessed with hoarding presents.) [Page Six]

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