The daily gossip: Ellen DeGeneres is ending her show, The Bachelor's Colton Underwood came out after being blackmailed, and more

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Ellen DeGeneres' daytime talk show is coming to an end after nearly two decades. DeGeneres revealed to The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday that the upcoming nineteenth season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show will be its last: "When you're a creative person, you constantly need to be challenged — and as great as this show is, and as fun as it is, it's just not a challenge anymore,” DeGeneres told the Reporter. This has reportedly been in the works for several years, though the announcement comes after DeGeneres' show in 2020 faced allegations of a toxic workplace culture, leading to the ousting of three top producers. In March, The New York Times reported the show lost over one million viewers following the scandal. The Ellen DeGeneres Show is set to air its last episode in 2022. [The Hollywood Reporter, The Week]


The Bachelor's Colton Underwood recently came out as gay, but he admitted to Variety in a new interview published Wednesday that "I did experiment with men prior to being [a contestant] on The Bachelorette. When I say 'hookups,' not sex. I want to make that very clear that I did not have sex with a man, prior to that." Colton also revealed he'd joined Grindr under an alias in either 2016 or 2017 — and that he was blackmailed at one point late last year after breaking up with his Bachelor season's winner, Cassie Randolph. "Nobody knows I was blackmailed," Colton said, revealing someone claimed to have taken nude photos of him when he secretly visited "a spa known for catering to gay clientele" in L.A. Read the full story at Variety. [Variety, Just Jared]


Gwyneth Paltrow's $75 "This Smells Like My Vagina" and "This Smells Like My Orgasm" candles for Goop were always mildly titillating, but they definitely move from the realm of being "kind of funny" to being "kind of creepy and gross" when the labels start getting specific about whose. On Tuesday, Travis Barker shared a photo of his new custom-made Goop candle, which is labeled "This Smells Like Kourtney's Orgasm." Okay, definitely TMI! While it isn't clear what sets Kourtney's "Orgasm" apart from a normal person's, the regular Goop candle's scent is described as "tart grapefruit, neroli and ripe cassis berries blended with gunpowder tea and Turkish rose absolutes for a scent that's sexy, surprising, and wildly addictive." [People]


California gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner told CNN, in an interview broadcast Tuesday, that she "didn't even vote" in the 2020 election. But "Los Angeles County records show she actually did cast a ballot last fall," Politico reported Tuesday night … and they brought the receipts, with notarized proof. GOP strategist Tim Rosales told Politico he's heard of lots of candidates who said they voted and didn't, "but I've never heard it the opposite way, where somebody said that I didn't vote" and actually did. "I can imagine, having been on the inside of these types of high profile campaigns, you've got a lot of people scrambling right now," he added. Somewhere out there, the Jenner boys are definitely dying of embarassment too. [Politico, The Week]


Grimes made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend during her boyfriend Elon Musk's hosting gig, but while it was fun seeing her Princess Peach impression, the 33-year-old singer has apparently had a decidedly less-fun week. "I somehow caused myself to have a panic attack and went to the hospital yesterday [Monday], which tbh was quite scary and I suppose it's a good time to start therapy," she shared on Instagram on Tuesday, in the caption of a photo of her posing backstage with SNL's musical guest, Miley Cyrus. While Grimes didn't offer any more information about the panic attack, she did take the opportunity to also praise "my beautiful E" for a job well done on the show. [Vulture]

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