The daily gossip: February 10, 2020

Scott Meslow


The 92nd annual Academy Awards may have been host-less, but it was still a good night to be a Parasite. After winning the trophies for Foreign-Language Film, Original Screenplay, and Best Director, the South Korean thriller capped off the night by taking home the Oscar for Best Picture — the first time in history that a foreign-language film has walked away with the Academy's top prize. And as for how the same Academy that lauded Parasite this year ended up giving Best Picture to Green Book last year… well, some mysteries are just too confounding to be solved. [The Hollywood Reporter]


The Academy Awards ceremony is so likely to run over its three-hour time slot that it would be a bigger surprise if it didn't happen — but when last night's show extended more than a half hour beyond its scheduled ending, the producers began cutting Parasite's Best Picture acceptance speech short by turning off the microphone and dimming the lights. Fortunately, Tom Hanks came to the rescue, leading the crowd in a chant that successfully pressured the Academy to turn the lights back on so Parasite's co-producer could finish her speech — because even if A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood didn't win any Oscars, Tom Hanks knows how to be a good neighbor. [New York Post]


It's safe to say the reception to Justin Bieber's wispy, unkempt mustache has been mixed, with detractors including some very vocal fans and Bieber's own wife Hailey Baldwin. But if you're wondering why Bieber hasn't taken the very unsubtle hints everyone has dropped about shaving the mustache off, a source has an answer: Bieber is so amused by the hatred for his facial hair that he is newly committed to keeping it. "He doesn't even like it himself, but the more people hate it the longer he wants to keep it," a source explained — so if you really want it gone, we guess everybody should start sending Bieber messages about how his 'stache looks even more natural than Sam Elliott's. [Page Six]


Every great actor starts somewhere, but few A-listers have a more unglamorous resume than Brad Pitt, who kicked off his career by dancing around in a yellow chicken costume at the opening of an El Pollo Loco restaurant in Hollywood. And while Pitt was celebrating his Oscar win for Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood last night, that chicken came home to roost in a chance encounter with Michael Kassan, the ex-El Pollo Loco bigwig who hired him for the role. Fresh off his Oscar win, Pitt still thanked Kassan for that original El Pollo Loco opportunity — so we suppose there's no harm, no fowl. [Page Six]


The mystery of how long CBS would wait to reboot a hit show like CSI has been solved — and the answer, apparently, is five years. The network is in the early phases of setting up a limited "event series" that would revive the flagship CSI series, with the goal to get it on air for the 20th anniversary of the original CSI premiere in October. If you can't wait that long for CSI to come back, go ahead and turn on CBS on basically any night of the week, where you'll find no shortage of barely-disguised CSI copycats to binge-watch. [Variety]

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