The daily gossip: February 3, 2020

Scott Meslow


Still struggling to justify spending hundreds of dollars to see Hamilton on Broadway? Just wait a little longer and you'll be able to see the whole show for the price of a single movie ticket. Disney has announced that a "cinematic stage production" is bound for theaters in November 2021, featuring the show's entire original cast and led by creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda. The film will be compiled from footage that was originally filmed in 2016 — because if the people who made Hamilton knew anything, it was not to throw away those shots. [The Hollywood Reporter]


The very British war drama 1917 took home the top prize at the BAFTA Awards, but the show's most buzzed-about moment came from Brad Pitt, who won Best Supporting Actor for Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood and used the opportunity to roast the assembled Brits — including Prince William and Kate Middleton — about the recent royal exit drama. Pitt wasn't there to accept the award in person, so Margot Robbie accepted on his behalf and read a jocular speech he wrote, which closed with the cringe-worthy line, "He's going to name this [trophy] Harry, because he is really excited about bringing it to the States with him" — if you're going to poke fun at the royal family at the BAFTAs, you might as well trick your costar into doing it for you. [Us Weekly, CNN]


It's been more than a decade since *NSNYC said bye bye bye — but if a source close to the band can be believed, a full-blown reunion may be on the horizon. Band member JC Chasez has reportedly started doing "the appropriate research" for how the band could mount a comeback tour as early as 2020, though Justin Timberlake is not expected to return. The tour would coincide with the 20th anniversary of the band's hit album No Strings Attached, although we're pretty sure "Justin Timberlake won't be there" would count as a pretty major string attached. [Page Six]


Jessica Simpson has been diligently making the rounds on the promotional circuit with her tell-all memoir Open Book, which officially hits shelves next week. But there's one high-profile celebrity who says he won't be reading the book: Ex-husband Nick Lachey, who was overheard saying he has not "read a single page" at a Super Bowl party. Of course, if he really wanted to relive those days, Lachey could just track down an old DVD copy of the reality series Newlyweds. Who didn't get tired of that Chicken of the Sea bit? [Page Six]


Nostradamus has nothing on pop star Demi Lovato, who tweeted "One day, I'm gonna sing the national anthem at a super bowl" all the way back in 2010 — and fulfilled her own prediction, a full decade later, by performing the national anthem at the Super Bowl in 2020. With this life goal accomplished, we're curious to see what else Lovato plans to do with her apparent psychic powers — so if she ends up tweeting that she'll win the lottery one day, go ahead and ask her what her numbers are. [People]

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