The daily gossip: January 10, 2020

Scott Meslow


As the fallout from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to "step back" from the Royal Family continues to spread, there's been a lot of finger-pointing about who, exactly, is responsible for the schism. But there's at least one name you can cross off the list: Oprah Winfrey, who was reported by one publication to have advised the couple to "break free" from the Royal Family. In a statement, Oprah said she had no role in the decision — because come on, not even Oprah can be everywhere and do everything. [E! Online]


Will Smith has spent more than two decades as one of Hollywood's most bankable stars, but not all of his movies have been winners — and with the new Bad Boys movie on the horizon, even Smith is willing to concede that some of his sequels haven't been up to par. In particular, Smith said he "wasn't happy" with one of his two Men in Black followups (though he didn't clarify which). Don't be too hard on yourself, Will — at least it wasn't Men in Black: International. [Yahoo Entertainment]


Congratulations to Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson, who has just joined Edgar Wright and Patty Jenkins in the club of high-profile directors who have escaped the creative handcuffs imposed by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Derrickson departed the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, titled Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, due to unspecified "creative differences," leaving Marvel hunting for a director who can color within the company's usual lines by the already-announced release date of May 7, 2021. Maybe Martin Scorsese is free? [Variety]


Pro tip: If you're ever feeling thirsty, hit up Beyoncé and Jay-Z. After a much-publicized moment at the Golden Globes when Reese Witherspoon ran out of water and successfully begged the couple for a glass of their expensive champagne instead, Witherspoon returned home to find an entire case of the champagne courtesy of Bey and Jay. The champagne came with a note that simply read "more water," which is either a pretty good joke or proof that Bey and Jay have literally forgotten the difference. [HuffPost]


In a massive shakeup for a TV show that's been on so long you might not even realize it's still on, Justin Chambers — a cast member of ABC's Grey's Anatomy since season one — has suddenly quit the show after 15 years. Chambers is not expected to appear on Grey's Anatomy again, though his character's most recent appearance in a November episode saw him temporarily leaving the hospital to take care of his ailing mother. Fortunately, Grey's Anatomy is so wacky that there are roughly one million plausible explanations for his sudden disappearance. (Our vote? Struck by falling meteorite.) [Deadline]

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