The daily gossip: January 16, 2020

Scott Meslow


Last year, HBO did Game of Thrones fans a favor when it aired a series finale so underwhelming that it was pretty easy to move on from Westeros. But just when you thought you were out, HBO wants to pull you back in again with House of the Dragon, a spinoff prequel centered on the history of House Targaryen. Intrigued? Don't set your DVR just yet: According to the "best guess" of HBO's Casey Bloys, the series won't be ready to air until 2022 at the earliest — because if there's one thing we learned from Game of Thrones, it's that it's not very easy to bring a dragon into the world. [Variety]


It's been a little more than a week since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced plans to "step back" from the British royal family, so of course we've reached the byzantine, conspiracy theory-laden phase of the gossip news cycle. The latest clue discovered in this real-life Da Vinci Code quest? A new video on Prince Harry's Instagram which features The Stone Roses song "This is the One," which features a lyric that some have interpreted as a subtle dig at the royal family. The lyric in question? "I'd like to leave the country for a month of Sundays" — though while the couple may, indeed, depart the United Kingdom for Canada, it's not clear that they intend to remake the Gregorian calendar. [Page Six]


Even an A-list celebrity isn't immune from the occasional weird date. Take the case of Charlize Theron, who recently described going on a date on her 20s that was "going really well" until the man in question asked her to "make out with [his] nose." Theron says she decided to give the guy "a little peck" on the schnoz, which wasn't enough to satisfy his request for a lengthy kiss — and after an up-close-and-personal experience with that guy's nose, you'll be shocked to hear Theron didn't end up picking him. [E! Online]


Kim Kardashian has spent the past week on social media doing mini-tours of her home — which includes, among other things, a walk-in refrigerator just for produce and a smaller refrigerator just for juice. But in case you've been worrying that two refrigerators isn't enough for Kardashian and her family, never fear: In a new video, she revealed five more refrigerators scattered throughout her home, including one in her gym that's just for bottled water. And if Kardashian thinks a whole fridge of water bottles is enough to stay hydrated, imagine how excited she'll be when she learns you can turn on a faucet and get even more H20 in the comfort of your own home! [People]


Paris Hilton is "actually one of the best cooks ever," says Paris Hilton and no one else! The heiress recently debuted a new YouTube cooking series, titled Cooking with Paris, where she shows off her self-professed culinary skills. The first video features Hilton baking a lasagna, forgetting to include the garlic or onions, and ultimately deciding garlic and onions don't really make a difference in the flavor anyway. We look forward to the next episode, where we presume Hilton will bake a pizza but forget to include any cheese or sauce. [People]

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