The daily gossip: January 29, 2020

Scott Meslow


From red carpet photoshoots to viral sloth videos, celebrity couples can seem like they have it all. But if you're ever feeling jealous of an a A-list couple like Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, take it from Bell: They have lengthy, ridiculous fights about trivial stuff too. On a recent podcast appearance, Bell told a long story about an "incredible fight" that began when she left Shepard a note that asked him to fold some towels. Bell said the argument eventually got so heated the couple didn't speak for three days — at which point they finally, mercifully took a cue from Bell's movie Frozen and let it go. [E! Online]


Just when you thought Hollywood was running out of popular stuff to adapt for the big screen, here's a nice fresh concept: A whole movie based on an internet meme. Seth Rogen is set to produce Memetic, a horror flick about a killer internet meme that makes anyone who sees it "turn obsessive and violent" — because come on, seeing that smug Willy Wonka picture one more time might be enough to drive anybody crazy. [Deadline]


Time is a flat circle, and TV is a cyclical business. So we suppose it's no surprise that FX jumped at the chance to pick up a new crime drama from True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto, starring original True Detective's Matthew McConaughey. The series, which follows McConaughey as he hunts for a missing woman while "past and present impact and entwine around a mystery of escalating violence and deceit," is called Redeemer — perhaps because Another True Detective seemed a little too obvious. [Variety]


Jay-Z is a man of well-curated and particular taste, so if you're going to compliment his outfit, make sure you get the color right. As captured on social media, one fan made a big mistake earlier this week by complimenting Jay-Z on his pink suit — only for Jay to stop in his tracks and tell him, "It's mauve, bro." Jay went on to quip that he was having a "mauve-lous" day — because when you have three kids, we suppose you're entitled to the occasional dad joke. [People]


If you get the feeling you're seeing something you've seen before during the Super Bowl on Sunday… well, it might just be because you're caught in a time loop. That's presumably how Bill Murray felt while shooting a Jeep commercial, reportedly set to air during the Super Bowl, in which he reprises the role of Phil Connors from the beloved comedy Groundhog Day. And given that the commercial will surely air for months and months after its Super Bowl debut, viewers will no doubt be able to understand what it's like to be stuck in a Groundhog Day loop better than ever. [Slashfilm]

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