The daily gossip: January 6, 2019

Scott Meslow


The Golden Globes ceremony aired on Sunday evening, meaning Hollywood awards season is officially upon us — and with it, the first frontrunners for the big prizes at next month's Academy Awards. The movies that came out on top at this year's Golden Globes? Sam Mendes' 1917 for Best Drama, and Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood for Best Comedy or Musical — because, apparently, there's nothing that makes Golden Globes voters laugh harder than the Manson family. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Joaquin Phoenix's performance in Joker has been so widely acclaimed that he's likely to have a whole shelf full of trophies by the time awards season is over — but based on his reaction to winning the Golden Globe for Best Actor, he'd rather be getting a series of root canals. In the press room following his victory, Phoenix claimed he had been "tricked" into meeting with journalists, and snapped at reporters who asked him about his process and his thoughts on a Joker sequel. Phoenix did light up when someone asked him about the vegan food served at the Golden Globes — so if you're interviewing Phoenix and want to get started on the right foot, maybe hand him an Impossible Burger first. [ET Online]


Big news in celebrity exes! When Brad Pitt won the Golden Globe for his role in Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston clapped and shot him "a few glances" when he returned to his table — as opposed to, I don't know, pointedly looking away from her ex-husband who had just won a big award? A later report also revealed that Aniston and Pitt separately attended the same Golden Globes after-party, so clearly they're about to elope and get remarried. [Us Weekly, People]


Just when you thought it was safe to put your knives away, it's time to pull them right out again. Writer/director Rian Johnson has confirmed he's working on a sequel to his hit movie Knives Out, which we're going to call Knives Out 2: Knives Even Outer until the real title gets announced. The new movie will follow detective Benoit Blanc as he solves an all-new mystery — like, say, the mystery of why Daniel Craig keeps getting cast to play characters with Foghorn Leghorn accents. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Being a celebrity comes with all kinds of perks — but there's a special one for The Farewell star Nora Lum, who chose the stage name Awkwafina 15 years ago, and is now reaping the rewards in whole cases of free bottled water from Aquafina. "Yes, they did [send water]," revealed the Golden Globe-winning actress, adding that it's "always good" to have extra water around. (Just spitballing here — but what if I change my name to Lagavulin 37-Year-Old Single-Malt Scotch?) [The Hollywood Reporter]

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