The daily gossip: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might actually be over this time, blame your woes on Brendan Urie, and more

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Ever since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married back in 2014, cynics have claimed it was never going to last (admittedly, Kardashian's track record, which included being married to Kris Humphries for less than three months, didn't assuage skepticism). But six years and four children later, it sounds like the end might actually be nigh. "They are keeping it low-key but they are done," a source told Page Six. "Kim has hired [celebrity divorce attorney] Laura Wasser and they are in settlement talks." CNN separately reported the couple have been "living separately" and are in "marriage counseling," while according to E! News, Kardashian is "only focused on what's best for the kids. It's a tough decision for her and she's figuring it out." [Page Six, CNN]


Gone are the days of, "Thanks, Obama." If you have a problem, according to Twitter, just schlump it on Panic! at the Disco singer Brendan Urie's shoulders. The trend seemingly started when one user tweeted, "Normalize blaming Brendon Urie for things he didn't do." And doing so quickly became normalized. Urie is now responsible for everything ranging from One Direction breaking up to sinking the Titanic and assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand, effectively starting World War I. No comment yet from Urie, who is likely really panicking now. [Uproxx]


While some live-tweeted coverage of election night in Georgia, Leslie Jones live-tweeted coverage of MSNBC's Steve Kornacki covering the election. Jones declared her love for the journalist during the presidential election, and it is evident her feelings have not waned since. "MY LOVE STEVE IS BACK!!! #KornackiThirstcontinues," the comedian tweeted, alongside a video of Kornacki on her TV screen. "When you write on the board, that comforts me," Jones said over the recording. She then requested MSNBC's Kornacki Cam, "like, all the time, though." As results rolled in, Jones captured a good portion of the nation's feelings, writing, "I'm scared but Steve is here so I'm good." [Vulture]


Another election, another Saturday Night Live casting decision to be made. Shortly after the polls closed in Georgia Tuesday night, Zach Braff submitted his resume, tweeting a gif of Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff, with the caption, "Lorne. I got this," referencing SNL creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels. Ossoff was projected to defeat incumbent Republican Sen. David Perdue on Wednesday. One Twitter user pointed out Ossoff is 12 years the actor's junior, which Braff, known for his role on Scrubs, wants to keep hush-hush, as he replied, "Shhhhhhh." Others suggested Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Topher Grace more closely resemble Ossoff. SNL has a lot to think about, as the recent departure of both Jim Carey and Alec Baldwin leave the roles of Joe Biden and Donald Trump open, too. [Hollywood Life]


Who is Katie Couric? Your next Jeopardy! host. The famed journalist will be taking the reins from Ken Jennings as "interim host" after his current guest stint, according to the Los Angeles Times. Though Couric will only be on the show as host for a week, she's a fitting replacement for Alex Trebek, who died last year at the age of 80, since she's appeared to present Jeopardy! clues over the years. Though there's no word yet on who Trebek's final replacement will be going forward, the show has said it intends for its interim hosts to "create a sense of community and continuity for our viewers." [Los Angeles Times, Vulture]

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