Jon Stewart rips 'sanity-resistant' Ebola coverage

Dylan Stableford
Jon Stewart rips 'sanity-resistant' Ebola coverage

Americans' fear of an Ebola outbreak is being fueled by "sanity-resistant" cable TV news coverage and some members of Congress, Jon Stewart said on Tuesday's "Daily Show."

News that a Dallas nurse became infected with Ebola after treating a Liberian man stricken with the disease has sparked fears that the virus — which has killed thousands of people in West Africa — could spread to other parts of the United States.

"Clearly the news anchors are having trouble drawing the distinction between a person contracting the disease after working in close contact with an Ebola patient," Stewart said, "and the inevitability of all of us getting it now! Run!"

Later in the segment, Stewart introduced a clip of Texas Rep. Pete Sessions urging the White House to ban all U.S.-bound flights from West Africa.

"Now let's hear from the opposite of an expert: a congressman," the "Daily Show" host quipped. Sessions, Stewart said, "is carrying a dangerously mutated, sanity-resistant strain of fear that has now gone airborne."

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