Daily Star’s head of lettuce outlasts Liz Truss’s time as Prime Minister

Liz Truss failed to remain Prime Minister longer than it took a head of lettuce to decay (Getty Images)
Liz Truss failed to remain Prime Minister longer than it took a head of lettuce to decay (Getty Images)
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A head of lettuce has outlasted Liz Truss following the Prime Minister’s resignation after just 44 days in office.

Not only is Ms Truss now the shortest serving Prime Minister in British history, but she also failed to remain in office longer than a head of lettuce stayed fresh.

On October 14, amid the chaos in the Conservative Party, the Daily Star began a live stream that hoped to answer the question “Will Liz Truss still be Prime Minister within the 10-day shelf-life of a lettuce?”

Thousands tuned in to follow the progress of the lettuce–styled with googly eyes and a blonde wig — next to a framed photo of Ms Truss.

The live stream was some light relief from the political turmoil and economic chaos that lead many to believe that Ms Truss’s time as leader was numbered.

And just six days later, the results are in: the Daily Star’s lettuce has indeed outlasted Ms Truss’s time as Prime Minister.

The moment the Tory leader stepped down, at about 1.35 pm on October 20, her framed photo was placed face down, and the lettuce was victorious.

To celebrate the moment, the lettuce’s cup of tea and Greggs sausage roll were replaced with  bottles of wine and gin.

Social media users were quick to hop on the joke and Twitter was soon flooded with memes.

Author James Felton wrote: “The lettuce”, and shared a meme of a man saying “aagh, call an ambulance” before turning a gun on his opponent and declaring: “But not for me.”

Author Aaron Gillies said: “Braverman lost to tofu, Truss lost to a lettuce, vegans having an amazing week tbf.”

Twitter user @worgztheowl said: “None of this would’ve happened under the lettuce.”

Aldi said: “What a great day to be a lettuce.”

Twitter user Sheikh Haidar said: “She’s gone. Lettuce wins keys to Downing Street.”

Journalist Jane Merrick said: “When a lettuce outlasts a Prime Minister, we have truly reached the endive days.”