The Daily Thread: Will the Pats draft a QB? What does success for Jarrett Stidham look like?

NBC Sports Boston Staff

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Rob Snyder, Producer, "Boston Sports Tonight" (9:53 a.m ET) -- What does post-Patriots Tom Brady really look like? What's his attitude in Tampa? In a perfect (non-covid 19) world, does he attend OTAs? Does he throw to all his receivers? Does he like Bruce Arians?

At the same time, what does Jarrett Stidham do here that refreshes everyone? Does simply attending everything and throwing to all receivers make you excited? Is it a new voice every week that makes you feel refreshed? How does Bill Belichick talk about "Stid" when he's asked about him? Will Stidham get the 'he's just one of 53' treatment, or does Bill take him under his wing at first?

Michael Parham, Production Assistant (11:35 a.m ET) -- Who are you more excited to watch next year, Brady or Stidham? I'm honestly torn. Both are great storylines, I'm leaning towards Brady but I'm very excited for something new with Stidham.

Megan Kelly, Associate Producer (11:42 a.m ET) -- I think one of the biggest appeals of Stidham is that he's not Brady. He's young, he (hopefully) has his whole career ahead of him, and we kinda don't know what we're going to get. Brady the past couple of years has been a known commodity. People want the unknown because it's exciting and maybe it's better than the known. I think many would call that being an "ungrateful Patriots fan" but I'm just going to call it boredom and wanting to spice things up.

Michael Holley, host, "Boston Sports Tonight" (12:22 p.m. ET) -- Stidham. All right, we're going to be debating this for a long time. I am not excited about watching him play. I'm a bit excited about his era, whether it last two games, four or 16. Let me throw in this caveat: if they go 4-12 with him, I will be excited about the Patriots finally getting a top 5 pick (they're due after 26 years ... I think McGinest was their last top 5).

Stidham, Part 2. This is why privilege is a dangerous thing. We haven't forgotten how much it sucks to suck. I guess the debate, Megan, is you don't think the Pats will suck and I do. I'm not looking forward to it.

DJ Bean, host, "Boston Sports Tonight" (3:18 p.m. ET) -- I'll say this again re Stidham: Maybe there's a guy in the first round the Patriots like more than him, but do they like him so much more than Stidham that they'll give up their first-round pick? I definitely think they draft a QB, but I don't think they do it before the third round. As a matter of fact, I'm about to study up on mid-round QB prospects so we've got a head start.

Tom Giles, host, Boston Sports Tonight (4:04 p.m. ET) -- I'm intrigued by Jarrett Stidham.  A successful year for me would be around 9-7 where he performs as a middle-of-the-pack quarterback.  He's at a disadvantage due to the fact that offseason workouts are going to get jumbled around, but I think that's negated by the advantage of having the best coaching in the NFL (again, give me Belichick over anyone when it comes to dealing with these odd circumstances/variables).

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