Daily US Vaccinations Drop 20% Since Start Of April

CBS4's Chris Martinez reports how states are trying to entice holdouts.

Video Transcript

LAUREN PASTRANA: The CDC is providing new evidence on the benefits of vaccines. It comes as states look for ways to entice holdouts. CBS 4's Chris Martinez reports from Los Angeles.

- A new study from the CDC finds vaccinated adults over the age of 65 are 94% less likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19. Public health experts say the findings based on hundreds of hospitalizations across 14 states are encouraging and show the direct impact of vaccination.

JOSEPH KANTER: Most people just have questions. They're on the fence. They want to talk it out. They want to wait and see.

- Health officials in the US are trying different strategies to convince vaccine skeptics to get the shot. In Baton Rouge, a new campaign called Shots For Shots is hoping to entice people by setting up sites at bars.

VISHAL VASANJI: People trust people that they're familiar with. So, you know, if we're friends, I could come to you and say, hey, the process was easy. Here's what it is.

- In New York City, officials are asking pharmacies and community health centers to allow those eligible to walk in for a vaccine without an appointment.

BILL DE BLASIO: It is literally the easiest it's ever been to get vaccinated. We need everyone to get in this, so we can reach our goals. And we can move this city forward.

- According to the CDC, the daily rate for vaccinations has dropped 20% since the start of the month. Thousands of doses are in jeopardy of expiring at this mass vaccination site in Philadelphia if they're not administered by Thursday.

- We just encourage everyone to come out and get a vaccine. Lots of opportunities for walk ups.

- As an added incentive to get the shot, the CDC now says fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks outside, unless they're in large crowds. But they should still be warned by unvaccinated people at outdoor gatherings or when eating outside. Chris Martinez, CBS News, Los Angeles.

- CDC researchers also say the vaccine is not significantly effective, until 14 days after the shot. So masks should still be worn during that time.