Dak Prescott on life after Elliott: ‘I can’t imagine him not in the locker room’

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Rosters are fluid in the NFL; the annual churn of personnel mean every season is a brand new endeavor. Whether it’s a team pushing a player out of the door or a player walking out on their own volition, it’s often a difficult change for everyone involved.

As the last remaining player from the Cowboys 2016 draft class, it’s a reality Dak Prescott knows all-too-well.

Since the day they were drafted seven years ago, Ezekiel Elliott and Prescott had been seemingly tied at the hip. Elliott, the blue-chip prospect selected with the fourth overall pick and Prescott, the QB consolation prize selected with a compensatory pick in the fourth round, formed an instant bond. It’s a bond that carried them through their spectacularly improbable rookie seasons and it’s a bond that continues to this day.

“A brother,” Prescott said of Elliott. “Being able to start this NFL career and share so many memories and grow up as men with the organization, I really can’t imagine taking the field without him. I don’t know if it’s completely hit me yet.”

Elliott’s boisterous personality made him a locker room favorite in Dallas. The energy and excitement he provided was infectious. It could cut tension without being a distraction.

“Had fun, did that, Prescott said. “But when it was time to lock in and time to focus and give everything that you had and show your teammates and show the younger guys what really mattered and how to get things done, Zeke was the guy to follow.”

Speaking to reporters to promote the Children’s Cancer Fund Gala (which takes place April 21), Prescott showed he had a clear understanding of how things work in the NFL. The roster from that 2016 season when Prescott won Offensive Rookie of the Year has very little resemblance to the roster the Cowboys have today.

Yet, understanding the realities of the NFL is different from moving through the emotions of losing an extremely close teammate.

“I really didn’t see this day coming,” Prescott said. “I can’t imagine him not in the locker room.”

With the moment still fresh, Prescott showed the human side of the game. Yet the consummate professional also made it clear he understood “It’s part of the business.”


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