Daleville Town Council turns on town hall and water plant solar panels

Nov. 3—DALEVILLE — Daleville Town Council members braved freezing winds Friday morning to turn on two sets of solar panels.

One set will power Daleville Town Hall, while the other will provide energy to the town's water utility.

The panels will be responsible for roughly 80% of town hall's power and 50% of the water plant's power, according to Councilman Adam Jones.

The panels do not have batteries for storing residual power produced by the panels, meaning should the weather be less than ideal, the town hall and the water utility plant will be powered by regular electricity.

Town Council President Tom Roberts said the process of bringing the panels online took longer than previously anticipated but he and his fellow council members hope the wait was worth it.

A variety of delays, from location changes to supply chain issues, lengthened the project's duration from six months to about two years, Jones said.

The estimated $380,000 project is being paid for with federal COVID relief or American Rescue Plan funds.

On Friday, Roberts said the town council will be working with Telamon Energy, the Carmel-based contractor overseeing the project, to file for a 30% federal rebate. The town could receive an estimated $114,000.

It is unknown when the town will receive the funds.

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