Daleville water project could put drain on residents' money

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Sep. 20—DALEVILLE — Residents will feel an effect on their pocketbooks as the Town of Daleville improves its stormwater drainage system.

Town Council President Tom Roberts said that for about 30 years, the stormwater rate has been $1.50 per month, but that will increase to $9.75 monthly starting in October. That increase will help pay for a $1.1 million bond for the project.

The project is expected to take about 11 months, he said. It could take longer if bids allow for additional items to be addressed. Roberts hopes construction will begin before the end of 2022.

He said the 35-year bond is from the State Revolving Fund. The fund provides low-interest loans to municipalities for improvements to water and wastewater infrastructure, according to the Indiana Finance Authority website.

In addition to the bond, Roberts said the town received a $2 million Transportation and Stormwater Grant from the state finance authority, giving the town a total of $3.1 million for the project. After spending $800,000 on mostly engineering fees, he said an estimated $2.2 million is left for construction.

Roberts said that after funding became available, he and town officials picked from a list of problematic areas that they'd collected when residents called in about issues.

Due to limited funding, officials will prioritize the issues and focus on the most severe ones. Roberts said other areas could be picked up if funds become available later.

Roberts named the baseball/softball diamond as an affected area because there's regularly standing water due to no drainage system.

Not being able to keep water to a minimum has greatly affected the town's teams, according to Amanda Malone, president of the Daleville Junior Baseball and Softball Association.

"A lot of our parking is ground parking, in the grass. We also have gravel, but a lot of it is grass, and when we have storms, it makes parking hard, so we have to cancel games or practices, she said.

Drainage problems also extend to the field. Malone said they added infield mix (dirt) sometime in May to elevate the infield. Benefits have been marginal, as the association had to keep filling in low spots throughout the season.

Roberts said they plan to install a system to drain water from the diamond area.

Yardberry Landscaping, 3D Company and Brackney placed bids, which Roberts said were read Aug. 24. A decision was put on hold until the Town Council's Oct. 11 meeting.

After the Indiana Department of Environmental Management issued water-related warnings, several communities have responded with similar water-oriented projects. When asked if IDEM or U.S. Environmental Protection Agency warnings had any involvement in Daleville's decision, Roberts said no.

The next Town Council meeting will be at 7 p.m. Oct. 11 at Daleville Town Hall.

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