Dallas 4-Year-Old Accidentally Swallows Dime, Leads To Doctors Finding Tumor

The doctors found a cancerous tumor the size of a tangerine near Charlotte Mason's collar bone. She was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

Video Transcript

- If your toddler swallows something unconventional, like they do sometimes, might not be a blessing. We know that. But for one Dallas family, it brought their attention to something far more important and serious. Here's our Nicole Nielsen.

NICOLE NIELSEN: Miracles come in all shapes and sizes, but for four-year-old Charlotte Mason, hers came in the form of a dime.

MORIAH MASON: She swallowed a coin, this angel child who never really does anything weird like that.

NICOLE NIELSEN: Her curiosity got the best of her last month.

- I swallowed money, then I need to go to hospital.

NICOLE NIELSEN: Sending her family on the rush to the ER to have it removed. But that dime turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

MORIAH MASON: They came back and said, we don't want to say anything, because we were still in the ER at this point, but we're referring you to an oncologist tomorrow morning.

NICOLE NIELSEN: The doctors found a cancerous tumor the size of a tangerine near her collarbone. She was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

MORIAH MASON: Didn't feel like it could possibly be real.

NICOLE NIELSEN: While she was originally only thought to be at an intermediate risk, two recent biopsies have shown she's likely a very high risk patient, leaving mom wondering what could have happened if it weren't for that coin.

MORIAH MASON: She's strong, she's stubborn, but none of that would have mattered if we hadn't caught it when we did.

NICOLE NIELSEN: They still have a long road and a dangerous surgery later this month. But for the time being--

MORIAH MASON: I think I'm going to be grateful for that dime permanently. Seems like some things just happen for a reason.

NICOLE NIELSEN: In Dallas, Nicole Nielsen, CBS 11 News.

- They do. And Charlotte, we all have your back. Charlotte's parents, by the way, recently set up a page for those interested in following her progress. You can find a link to that. We've posted Nicole's story already for you at CBSDFW.com.