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Dallas County Celebrates 250K COVID-19 Vaccinations At Fair Park

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Since January when this operation began, Dallas County had gone from administering 6,000 vaccinations a week to 9,000 per day.

Video Transcript

- Dallas County, meanwhile, hit a major milestone in their vaccination efforts earlier today. They administered their 250,000th dose at Fair Park. Erin Jones taking a closer look at that and the predictions about where North Texas is now headed.

- Can I have your first and last name?

QUINCY WILLIAMS: Quincy Williams.

ERIN JONES: 20-year-old Quincy Williams.

- Did you think today was going to be like this?

- I did not.


ERIN JONES: The 250,000th person to receive a COVID-19 vaccine from Dallas County.

QUINCY WILLIAMS: I'm excited. I hope it works.

ERIN JONES: And to celebrate, today he was recognized during a special ceremony.

QUINCY WILLIAMS: Going home with all this excitement, I was not expecting this.

ERIN JONES: Since January when this operation began, Dallas County really ramping up efforts-- going from administering just 6,000 vaccinations a week to 9,000 a day, bringing in federal partners to assist with the effort.

CLAY JENKINS: Our soldiers give shots faster than any other FEMA site. They are staffed to give 3,000 shots a day.

ERIN JONES: But Dallas County health and Human Services Director Dr. Phillip Huang says so far, only about 25% of all Dallas County residents have received at least their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and stresses other preventative measures are needed to slow the spread.

PHILLIP HUANG: But that's still 75% of people that are still remaining that need to be vaccinated, so it's too early to stop doing these things.

ERIN JONES: UT Southwestern has released its latest COVID-19 analysis and forecast which shows cases and hospitalizations are continuing to decline in Dallas County from the peak in mid-January. Hospitalizations are down about 34% in the past two weeks.

Vaccinations are believed to be providing a level of protection. However, if the public reverts back to pre-pandemic behavior with where vaccination numbers are right now, it could lead to a noticeable spike in hospitalizations, shown in the red lines on the two graphs.

QUINCY WILLIAMS: I do plan on keep wearing a mask.

ERIN JONES: Having already experienced COVID-19 once, Williams says better safe than sorry.

In Dallas, Erin Jones, CBS11 News.