Dallas County Offering 'No Wait' Shot For Those Who Volunteer At Fair Park COVID-19 Vaccine Site

With all Texans 16 and up eligible to receive the vaccine, Dallas County leaders said they would like to have 350 volunteers a day.

Video Transcript

- Let's talk shots now. They're available. People continue to come for a vaccine at the Mega Center over at Fair Park. And now Dallas County needs volunteers to help keep that center running. Erin Jones today learned what they're offering that could help you skip those long lines.

ERIN JONES: She's a surgeon putting her hands to work in ways they're not used to.

- So we've got your second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

ERIN JONES: Alexandra Webb volunteering her time to administer more than 100 COVID-19 shots.

ALEXANDRA WEBB: I know this has been such a hard experience for everyone in the medical community. COVID has taken such a toll on everybody. This is our way out of the pandemic.

ERIN JONES: And now, with all Texans 16 and up eligible to receive the vaccine, volunteers are urgently needed at the Fair Park vaccine Mega Center.

- Thank you.

ERIN JONES: Ideally, Dallas County would like to have about 350 a day. Right now, they're only getting about half that.

CHRISTIAN GRISALES: We need to ramp up the efforts, and we need assistance from the community-- people who are employed, people who are not employed, people who just want to help out.

ERIN JONES: From checking people in to directing traffic and administering vaccines, there's a variety of shifts available. They're offered morning, mid-afternoon, and afternoon and typically last about five hours.

CHRISTIAN GRISALES: If people volunteer for at least 10 hours, they're eligible to get the vaccine.

ERIN JONES: This volunteer taking advantage--

- The shot. OK.

ERIN JONES: --getting his vaccination from Webb.

HAROLD OLAYA: It's wonderful to give back to the community and also, while doing that, getting your vaccine without, like, having to go through the line in the parking lot or-- that's just wonderful.

ALEXANDRA WEBB: I'm so proud to be able to be here and be part of the solution.

ERIN JONES: And if you're interested in signing up to be a volunteer, we have a link to their page on our website, cbsdfw.com. They're especially looking for bilingual volunteers and those who can work on Thursdays or Fridays. In Dallas, Erin Jones, "CBS11 News."

- Erin, thank you very much.