A Dallas Cowboys cheerleader’s surprise wedding proposal at The Star went viral

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Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are used to the spotlight. That goes with the job.

But four-year cheerleader veteran Amber McMillan was even taken aback when she found herself in one of the biggest spotlights of her life.

Boyfriend Nick Marino Jr. surprised McMillan with an elaborate proposal in front of The Star in Frisco that’s been seen by more than friends, family and passersby. The Sept. 12 lunchtime event has since gone viral on social media. Marino and others captured the moment on TikTok videos and Instagram posts.

“I’ve been a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for the last four years, so this is just such a big part of my life. It was perfect to do it there,” McMillan told KXAS-TV.

Marino planned the surprise since June and gave nearly 100 friends and family the lowdown so they could be on hand to celebrate, according to Marino.

“On the invite, there was actually a part about how to not ruin a surprise,” Marino said. “One, don’t tell Amber. Two, don’t show up late and if you are late, please text me. Three, don’t go to the restaurant where Amber was going to be having brunch!”

They met two years ago. Marino said he told friends he was going to take her out six months before even meeting McMillan.

After having lunch with friends, McMillan was escorted toward the turf field in front of the main entrance at The Star. At that moment, McMillan knew what was happening. She could see images of her and Marino on the video displays surrounding the The Star field. Roses were spread around the Cowboys’ star logo. And the Justin Bieber song “Lifetime” played as she approached the logo with her three best friends.

A prerecorded video of Marino testifying his love to her played before he appeared from behind the large group of friends and family.

“I don’t know if it could have been better. It was just so perfect,” McMillan told Channel 5.


Surprise engagement for my girlfriend and the moment she finds out! #dallascowboyscheerleaders #proposal #brunch #love

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Here is my commentary (the fiancé) on the ##proposal video you may have seen! Pics on my IG! ##dallascowboyscheerleaders ##brunch ##love ##dallascowboys

♬ original sound - thatsjustnick
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