Dallas draws first blood for Leeds against Spurs

Hugo Lloris prevents an own goal, but the rebound only finds Stuart Dallas, who slams Leeds in front of Tottenham.

Video Transcript

- Just needed to put that in with his right foot, Roberts. They had men in the box.

- Harrison. Four in the box here for Harrison to put it into the box, which he did. Oh, and it's in the back of the net. It's lashed in by Stuart Dallas. Hugo Lloris made the save to prevent an own goal from Reguilón, but there was Stuart Dallas for Leeds United to smash the ball into the roof of the Tottenham net. And Spurs are behind at Elland Road.

- This is a real piece of Leeds power play. Thought the opportunity had gone a little bit from Roberts to put the ball in the box, but they recycle it out to the left-hand side. A lovely piece of wing play. It's too easy to get the cross in. Aurier has to do better than that.

And from then on, Spurs just don't defend it. They don't react. Reguilón is half asleep. He's on his heels at the back post. He's got to get better contact on this to put the ball wide. Instead, he nearly scores an own goal.

Dallas, who's just hanging at the back post there, doesn't hesitate to smash that one into the roof of the net. Good play from Leeds, but Spurs will have a look at that and think it would be pretty poor defending from their part.

- Well, we were just talking about how he chipped in with goals this season, Stuart Dallas. And there's another one. Leeds 1, Spurs 0.