Dallas' Howdy Homemade Ice Cream Went From Bankrupt To Booming

A Dallas ice cream shop, Howdy Homemade, almost lost it all during the pandemic.

Video Transcript

- A local Dallas ice cream shop that almost lost it all during the pandemic not only survived, but is now expanding. Our Nicole Nielsen explains how all new here at 6:00.

- Welcome to Howdy Homemade!

NICOLE NIELSON: At first glance, you wouldn't know what makes Howdy Homemade ice cream shop so special, but once inside, you would.

- Dr. Pepper, chocolate chip, Cookie Monster--

TOM LANDIS: We hire the people that we consider are the best for the hospitality industry, and those are the ones that God made most friendly.

NICOLE NIELSON: The ice cream shop is run by special needs adults hired by Tom Landis, the owner. It's a one of a kind gym in Dallas, but even that couldn't stop the pain of the pandemic.

TOM LANDIS: The pandemic really brought us to our knees. When you're shut down, it's not that you're just not making your money. You're bleeding at that point.

NICOLE NIELSON: So much so they had to move from their original location for cheaper rent. They were hanging on by a thread. But they say it was the power of social media that made their ice cream shop go from bankrupt to booming.

TOM LANDIS: Things kind of, when they were at their worst, all of a sudden became their best.

NICOLE NIELSON: A GoFundMe was started as a final plea to keep the doors open. Next thing they knew, donations totaled over $100,000 and sales went up 132%.

TOM LANDIS: All of this is, you know, just see the power of social media.

NICOLE NIELSON: They're now expanding nationally with five new locations, creating more jobs for these incredible employees.

TOM LANDIS: It is a Cinderella story, and you know why? When I step out of the way and let my employees shine, no one can stop us.

NICOLE NIELSON: And for Tom, that was the goal all along. In Dallas, Nicole Nielsen, CBS News.

- The power of social media and the kindness in humanity.