Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson Expresses Frustration Over Power Issues

The mayor of Dallas is calling the issue of power outages across the state unfair and a failure. This comes as the city tries to provide assistance to residents in need.

Video Transcript

- The mayor of Dallas calls it unfair, calls it a failure, in fact, as the city tries to provide assistance to the hundreds of thousands of people impacted. Our Steve Pickett continues our reporting now, from the mayor's outrage and the city's outreach.

ERIC JOHNSON: The grid failed us. The grid failed us.

STEVE PICKETT: Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson voicing his sentiment and echoing the anger of hundreds of thousands.

In the past three days, Dallas Fire-Rescue responding to over 7,000 calls. The water department has 200-plus workers now, rushing to cut off residential water lines. Charter buses, like this one, are now sitting at 20 locations in Dallas, being used as mobile warming centers for people who remain in freezing homes.

The mayor today said the city is trying to assist residents burdened by a failure that should have never happened.

ERIC JOHNSON: This is a situation where we, as a city, are bearing the brunt. Our people are suffering right now, and we don't have control over the power grid. We rely on it, but we don't have any control over. And it's obvious at this point that what we've been doing hasn't worked.

STEVE PICKETT: The city is set to open neighborhood rec centers as possible shelters or assistance sites. And people needing financial help, well, the city has started a disaster relief fund. The mayor says from the governor to state lawmakers, they owe it to the people to work now to ensure this never happens again.

In Dallas, Steve Pickett, CBS11 News.