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Dallas Nonprofit Looks To Bring Police, Young People Together To Build Better Relationships

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Erin Jones reports.

Video Transcript

- In response to the killing of George Floyd and now Daunte Wright, a Dallas nonprofit is making the effort to bring police officers and younger people together to discuss how they can build better relationships. Erin Jones gives us a look.

ERIN JONES: The killing of George Floyd, then Daunte Wright.

SHELDON SMITH: Well, it impacts me because I'm a law enforcement officer, and because it impacted the African-American community so much. It changed their views on police officers. It changed their views on how we police the community.

DONNIE DREHER: Being a law enforcement officer, I just feel that there's too much division between police and the communities and the citizens that they serve. And there's a lot of hate.

MALIK AZIZ: The challenges have been formidable, and we want to try to break them down.

BRUCE CARTER: One of the things I want to deal with right now, you know, the elephant in the room, is the relationship between police and African-American communities.

ERIN JONES: Wednesday afternoon, We Are Going Home, a national effort to reduce senseless loss of life, hosting police officers of all backgrounds to engage with youth.

- What is it that we can do in your eyes and your perspective that would break down the barriers for us to feel like we have a 50-50 partnership?

- Not be so quick to judge, I guess. Just, it's just a lot of judgment between one another.

- I can understand that.

ERIN JONES: Organizers say through these conversations, they can change perceptions and break down barriers.

- So I thought, if I bring a diverse group together, that we would realize that we're maybe not against each other, but we see things different.

- The thing that will get us where we need to be with the community is open dialogue, and trying to establish relationships with them.

- You have to be able to hear what the other side is saying.

ERIN JONES: In Dallas, Erin Jones, CBS 11 News.