Dallas Officer Claims Botham Jean Ignored Her 'Verbal Commands'

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    I figured she would say something like this. "He didn't obey commands" or "he was threatening", leading her to fear for her life. We're always told to see it from the officer's point of view, that they have a dangerous job, the suspect might have ill will toward the officer, etc, etc.

    I think we should look at it from the victim's perspective. He was in his own home, not bothering anyone and she entered, apparently started yelling commands and then killed him. She had no business in his apartment.

    Also, her story of the door being ajar is contradicted by what Dallas PD sources have told the local news outlets; that she was trying to open the door but couldn't and Jean opened it to see what the noise was or who was at his door. Maybe her story is changing because she thought this was her best defense.

    I mean, she had three days to figure out a defense, just like any normal citizen would have, right?
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    but the thing is I think people will be like..you entered my home without a warrant etc and wouldn't follow protocol...
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    I used to live in Dallas, I live nearby and I do not believe for one second that Jean left his door ajar in that area of town. I suspect she woke him up trying to get into the apartment, he came to the door, asked who it was, she identified herself as a cop then knocked saying left me in, he opened it, and she immediately shot him without any conversation.
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    She thought it was her apartment but did not notice the difference in the furniture? She claims the room was dark but she did not bother to switch on a light. She was able to see in the dark and fire two point blank rounds into the man in the dark. I don't think so.
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    In his own home, why should he follow her "verbal commands". Heartbreaking story.
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    So, it appears that now we should all anticipate a stranger entering our homes, quite unexpectedly, and then be prepared to submit to whatever "verbal commands" the surprising visitor issues? Is this some "dystopian future" movie script?
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    The police have the "verbal commands" and "feared for my life" stories down to a science and their victims are never around to tell their side of the story.

    I see people in my building accidentally get off the elevators on the wrong floors all the time, but they realize their mistake immediately -- even though all the floors look exactly alike -- and hop back on. It's happened to me too, but like my neighbors, I recognize my mistake immediately and have never gotten as far as trying to open someone else's door. The story just doesn't make sense based on what we've been told.
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    ‘ the witnesses said they heard a woman knocking on the door before the shooting and saying, “Let me in.”’ - but she thought it was her appartment, hummm
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    Thousands condolences to the grieving mother of this innocent young man .
    Even administering justice will not relieve the mother.
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    Old Bookworm
    Interesting contradiction between the witnesses saying she knocked, and her saying the door was ajar.