Dallas police locate monkeys missing from Dallas Zoo since Monday

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Two emperor tamarin monkeys were missing after Dallas Zoo officials found their habitat had been intentionally tampered with.

The two monkeys who disappeared from their habitat at the Dallas Zoo after the enclosure had been tampered with have been found alive, according to an update from zoo officials.

The monkeys, which went missing Monday, were located by Dallas police, according to the zoo. The zoo sent a team to transport the emperor tamarin monkeys back to the zoo Tuesday, where they will be examined by veterinarians.

This is the latest in a string of incidents at the zoo in which officials say the habitats of animals, including some endangered, have been intentionally tampered with. On Jan. 22, the zoo announced an endangered vulture had died with a suspicious wound after its enclosure had been tampered with.

About a week before, a clouded leopard, Nova, got out of her habitat after someone broke into it, according to the zoo. Also recently, another monkey enclosure was found to be cut into. None of those monkeys went missing.

Nova was later found in the zoo, according to officials.

When the monkeys were discovered missing Monday, Dallas Zoo officials said they suspected that they were stolen from their habitat because they were surprised when the animals, which typically stay close to home, could not be located on zoo property.

Dallas police are expected to release more details about how the monkeys were found.

Police earlier in the day Tuesday asked the public to help them identify a person who might have information about the disappearance of the monkeys.