Dallas Police Searching For 8-Year-Old With Autism, Keydall Jones

Dallas police are searching for 8-year-old Keydall Jones who was last seen in the 13600 block of Montfort Drive.

Video Transcript

BROOKE KATZ: Happening right now, police searching for a missing child in Dallas. Want you to stop what you're doing, take a good look at your screen right now. 8-year-old Keydall Jones is autistic and non-verbal. He hasn't been seen since early this morning. CBS 11's Rachael O'Neil joins us live. Rachel, what have you been able to learn?

RACHAEL O'NEIL: Brooke, Keydall Jones disappeared from his family apartment complex nearly 10 hours ago. Now, his mother, Champaigne Williams, says Keydall ran away from the car right before school. Now, shortly after, she tried to keep up with her son, but she says she lost track of him. Now, neighbors and family members began posting signs around the area in hopes of finding Keydall. Now, Williams also says her son has a history of running away, but she manages to find him normally within minutes.

Now, she describes Keydall as respectful, loving and sweet. Now, Jones, as you mentioned, Brooke, is autistic and non-verbal. Williams asks anyone who encounters her son to be calm and to stay gentle.

CHAMPAIGNE WILLIAMS: My biggest concern, that my baby could be hurt somewhere, or he's with somebody that don't know how to take care-- deal with his personality. Right now, because I know he's hungry. I know he needs to be trained, because he has, he wears pull-ups. And I know he's probably scared. That's my thing, I know he's terrified because he don't know where he's at. And my main concern is, I just want him to be back home, be safe, because he's never been out of my sight this long.

RACHAEL O'NEIL: Now, Brooke, Ms. Williams also says that the Dallas Police Department is going to send a K9 in this area to hopefully find Keydall Jones. In Dallas, Rachael O'Neil, CBS 11 News.

BROOKE KATZ: And hopefully they find him quickly. All right, Rachael, thank you. And again, we want to show you police looking for eight-year-old Keydall Jones. This is him, you see him here. Last seen in the 13000 block of Montfort Drive, near the Dallas North Tollway and I-635. Keydall is 4'1", weighs 56 pounds, was wearing a blue-hooded raincoat, white T-shirt, and khaki pants. If you see him, you are asked to call 911.