Dallas Street Renamed For Botham Jean On Saturday

Jean was shot and killed by former Dallas Police officer Amber Guyger.

Video Transcript

- Tomorrow, a stretch of South Lamar in Dallas is going to be renamed in honor of Botham Jean. If you don't know the story, he was killed in his own apartment by a Dallas police officer who later said that she had thought she was entering her apartment. The family is back in Dallas tonight and telling our Robbie Owens that remembering Botham is important to them. But they still want change.

ALLISON JEAN: I knew my son was destined for greatness. But I didn't know that it would have come that way.

ROBBIE OWENS: Gathering at a mural that bears his likeness, the family of Botham Jean, 2 and 1/2 years later, still navigating grief.

ALISSA CHARLES-FINDLEY: Every time there is another person killed by a police officer, we all have to relive our traumas.

BERTRAM JEAN: The mural serves as a reminder to all that we are all and your children are susceptible to the same fate of Botham.

ROBBIE OWENS: Managing the pain.

ALLISON JEAN: If I did not know the Lord, I believe that I would have been either crazy or dead. That's all that keeps me going.

ROBBIE OWENS: While also determined to turn the life-shattering loss into purpose.

ALISSA CHARLES-FINDLEY: Even rookie police officers entering the Dallas Police Department, I want them to ask, you know, why is this street named Botham Jean. I want people to ask questions so that we can see change. It's not a matter of just asking the question. We need to start also looking for solutions so that this will never happen again.

ROBBIE OWENS: Amid the tsunami of emotions, there is frustration as well. Amber Guyger, the officer sentenced to 10 years in prison for Botham's murder, appealing that conviction.

ALLISON JEAN: So I am separating the honor that is going to be bestowed on him tomorrow by this historical event from the accountability that is required for his death. Please don't mix the two. Do not put the two together. They are not one and the same, OK? They're not one and the same.

ROBBIE OWENS: In Dallas, Robbie Owens, CBS 11 News.