Dallas Teen With Cystic Fibrosis Just Wanted To Meet A Police Officer; Brandon Benavides Ended Up 'Chief For The Day'

Chief Eddie Garcia said of Brandon, "His strength and that of his parents as he fights is inspiring, we hope he enjoyed his day. Thanks for your leadership, Chief Brandon!"

Video Transcript

- The Dallas Police Department stepping up and helping out a sick teenager whose only wish is to meet a police officer. 15-year-old Brandon Benavides lives with cystic fibrosis, life threatening disease if you don't know that affects the lungs and the digestive system. And to help grant Brandon's wish, DPD went above and beyond. They made him chief for the day. He spent his time with his assistant for the day. That would be Chief Eddie Garcia. Brandon commanded a staff meeting at one point, also toured all the different units on the force. Big thanks to DPD for making a wish come true today.